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Idoia García de Cortázar


IED Kunsthal


Humanizza Consulting




EL HILO DE ARIANE project seeks to design a system of navigation, signage and environmental graphics (both physical and digital) that improves the user experience at the Cruces University Hospital, a centre belonging to the OSI EZKERRALDEA ENKARTERRI CRUCES (OSI EEC) under the parameters of humanisation. Currently, it is very difficult to find the location of certain consultations or functional test areas, given that we have multiple specialties and points of care. It must also be taken into account that a hospital is a highly complex living organism, with very different and changing users, as changes in services and locations are commonplace, making it easy to become disoriented. Users, especially the elderly and/or people with some degree of functional diversity, have particular difficulties in finding their way around and are particularly nervous when they have to go to the hospital and arrive on time for their appointment. By incorporating the HUMANIZZA experience and the design perspective of the IED KUNSTHAL students, we aim to achieve a humanised space, designed so that people who go to any point of the Cruces University Hospital, regardless of their age or degree of functional diversity, can reach their destination without loss or nervousness, promoting independence and personal autonomy. The objective of the project is to design a totally inclusive navigation system that allows any person to reach any point of care in a hospital that has more than 40 specialties and attends to an average of 8,242 people per day in all areas. This is a strategic challenge, at the same time that the process becomes the backbone of the learning process, helping to anchor the knowledge acquired. 


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