KSIgune - Higher Education and Research Cluster for the Cultural and Creative Industries of the Basque Country, is among the 4 pioneering initiatives selected by the European Commission to boost the development of sectoral competences and contribute to the competitiveness of the region for 2030.

The Regional Skills Partnerships (RSP) fall under the umbrella of the European Pact for Skills programme. They are collaborative initiatives designed to connect industrial ecosystems and address regional skills gaps and workforce development.

Following a rigorous selection process, to date 4 pioneering initiatives have been selected by the European Commission to be part of this initiative. KSIgune and its ecosystem have been selected to contribute to this framework through various actions aimed at bridging the gap between Higher Education and the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs) in the Basque Country. The aim is to also train transformative talent with a special focus on re-skilling and up-skilling for the digital era.

To this end, KSIgune will continue to collaborate with Higher Education institutions and CCIs to analyse the sector's demands and existing capacities. Furthermore, it will soon be developing a comprehensive training programme in CCIs together with the Basque Government in response to the triple social, ecological, and economic transition.

KSIgune will also continue to contribute to the transfer of knowledge and skills between Higher Education and CCIs through the KSIgune Connections Programme, which includes funding cooperation projects, and through international initiatives such as the Euroregional Green Audiovisual Hub.


More information

Since 2023 the cluster KSIgune is part of the Cultural and Creative Industries Strategy Group of the European Pact of Skills. To learn more and join the programme, please visit the European Pact for Skills website.

To learn more about the KSIgune Regional Skills Partnership, please click here.

KSIgune also participates in other International alliances which can be found in the international section.

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