Between 12th and 15th June, a delegation from the Basque CCI sector, which included KSIgune, travelled to the city of Tampere in Finland to take part in the Reverse Mission initiative, an annual programme of study visits in the field of innovation and creativity.


The Reverse Mission event was organised by the Districts of Creativity Network (DC Network) and is aimed at bringing together experts, entrepreneurs and the public sector every year to learn about the best practices of a host region and to encourage the transfer of knowledge on promoting the cultural and creative industries.

The KSIgune cluster was able to learn about Tampere's unique approach to the audiovisual ecosystem and the organisation of large-scale events at the Reverse Mission 2023. The study visit showcased the trajectory that has led Tampere to becoming one of Europe's leading centres for audiovisual productions, with unique locations, professional expertise and new technologies, as well as a growing international standing as a venue for international conventions, conferences and events.

Representatives from the Public Administration, the University of Applied Sciences and companies such as Ilkka's Creative Studios, among others, had the opportunity to share their experiences during the visit to some of the most outstanding cultural sites, with projects such as:

  • Mediapolis - the region's media centre in full swing.
  • Film Tampere – a programme committed to developing the local audiovisual economy.
  • Hiedanranta – a project to transform a historic industrial community into a modern and sustainable cultural district.
  • Periscope – a project focused on gastronomic design based on cultural identity.
  • Nokia Arena – a multifunctional centre for producing large-scale events.
  • Tampere Vocal Music Festival – a choral and group singing festival that celebrates the diversity of the human voice in the Finnish city every two years.
  • Demolition Art House Pinni 47 – a project to restore a building that was due to be demolished, through art in its many forms. 
  • Finlayson – the site of a former cotton mill that has been converted into one of the city's most versatile arts centres.

This study visit is part of the international promotion actions carried out by KSIgune, aimed at opening up avenues of collaboration with international actors and the CCI sector in the Basque Country.

More information on the Reverse Mission initiative is available at the following website:

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