KSIgune has launched the fourth edition of the Connections call for applications to generate new opportunities for the development of cooperative projects between CCI entities, teachers, students and research staff, to address the sectoral challenges of the Cultural and Creative Industries in the Basque Country.

The KSIgune Connections 2024/25 call for applications will offer funding for joint Basque higher education projects which can be applied to entities in the Basque cultural and creative sectors.

This new edition of KSIgune Connections will fund projects in 2 categories:

1. Connection to training: Bachelor’s degree theses, Master’s theses and group assignments.

2. Connection to transformation: Group research work

The call will be open until 18 October 2024 and the terms and conditions are available, in Basque and Spanish, in the Resources section on this website.

In order to apply, it is necessary to register on the Gune+ platform and submit the application through this channel.


Evolution of KSIgune Connections

With the support of the Department of Education and the Department of Culture and Language Policy of the Basque Government, so far the KSIgune Connections call for applications has backed 44 cooperation projects in 11 of the 14 sectors of the CCIs, with the participation of 34 Basque entities and 16 Faculties and Schools of the KSIgune ecosystem, which have managed to mobilise more than 600 students.

The funding for these projects has made it possible to bring talent from higher education closer to CCI entities, to support research processes within Basque entities, and to respond to both sectoral and regional challenges, helping to address the triple energy-environmental, technological-digital and socio-demographic transition.

The projects backed in previous editions of the call for applications can be found by clicking on the links below:

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>> Call 2022/23

>> Call 2021/22


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