Design a new advanced digital platform for the industry of the future (FFACTORY)


Subject work


Ganix Lasa


Higher Polytechnic School, Mondragon Unibertsitatea






The goal of the FFACTORY project is a new advanced digital platform for the industry of the future based on user participation, digitisation, and the smart industry.
This project is aimed at a new business model for the industry of the future and is committed to giving greater added value to customers including service, understood as the evolution from the sale of product to the binomial product and service. Therefore, the project seeks to orient business models toward higher value-added proposals (including service, understood as the evolution of the product toward the binomial product and service) with the development of an advanced digital platform for the industry of the future.
It is a The project aims to revolutionise the digital ecosystem of the company through the practice of design focused on people, a key discipline in the file of the creative economy, and develop a platform that positions the company in a new scenario through a prospective exercise.
The ultimate goal is to design, conceptualise and develop an advanced digital platform, and make tangible, through a prospective exercise, possible solutions that will be visualised within the framework of the intelligent industry of the future.
To this end, collaboration will be undertaken with the company DANOBAT. With this collaboration, it is intended to make a disruptive change in the value proposition of DANOBAT through design, and that this transformation serves as a success case for disseminating the practice of design as a transforming and enabling discipline of change, the socio-economic ecosystem of the Basque Country in general and of industry in particular.


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The new service concept will be based on three axes: participation, digitization, and smart industry as the backbone for a forward-looking solution.