Organoz blai!


Final Master work


Itziar Larrinaga


Musikene Higher School of Music of the Basque Country


Basque Organ Building




Organoz blai! is a cultural research and mediation project articulated around the restorative conservation of the organ of the Church of San Andrés in Eibar (Gipuzkoa). It seeks to educate in the value of cultural, material and intangible heritage, in collaboration with the company J. Sergio del Campo Olaso-Basque Organ Building which, during the years 2021 and 2022, addresses the restoration of the organ Juan Melcher of the Church of San Andrés in  Eibar. The project is being developed in collaboration with other town stakeholders, such as the Town Hall itself, the Parish of San Andrés, Portalea Cultural Centre, ASPACE and Juan Antonio Moguel Ikastola.

It seeks to know and value the intangible musical heritage around the organ (the organ or craft, the profession of organist and organ music, which have had a long tradition in the CAPV, Registered since 2017 on the representative list of Intangible Heritage of Humanity), taking as reference the tangible heritage, that is, the instrument itself (in that case, the organ of the Church of San Andrés in Eibar, which in 2022 turns 100 years). 

It is proposed to carry out research on the organisation, the profession of organist and organ music, as well as the organisation of various mediation activities:
•    A photographic exhibition of the restoration of the organ, to be held in Portalea Cultural Centre, with the participation of different agents of the locality: Juan Antonio Moguel Ikastola, ASPACE and the Parish of San Andrés.
•    Guided visits to the instrument in the process of restoration, aimed at various audiences, with awareness-raising workshops.
•    A conference and round table for adult audiences.

Finally, a concert proposal will be made in the Church of San Andrés in Eibar, with music composed and played by composers musical groups from the town, to be celebrated after the completion of the organ restoration.

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